Smart Review of Scalewatcher Small Wonder

Scalewatcher Small WonderFew water softeners are as versatile as Scalewatcher Small Wonder. The softener is not only perfect for using at home, but also in your RV when traveling to various destinations around the country. Home water softeners must have specific qualities, which you can find in this device. The device uses a different technology to soften or condition water. A wall outlet is necessary for plugging this device into before beginning the process of softening water for domestic use. S

Scalewatcher Small Wonder is a salt-free softener. Consequently, it is the perfect choice for a person who believes in protecting the environment by using eco-friendly tools. The fact that the device doesn’t require salt to soften water has eliminated the need for worrying about regeneration. The fact that it requires no salt thus eliminating the need for regeneration has made the device the best in terms of customer satisfaction.

What does it do?

The evolution of Scalewatcher Small Wonder continues unabated. The makers are not satisfied with the quality of the product, hence the decision to continue upgrading it. The constant upgrades have made the device capable of softening water effectively and efficiently. The device is perfect for treating water, thus making it easier for your household to have sufficient water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and washing. It produces safe and hygienic water all the time.

How does it work?

If you reside in a place surrounded with lakes and rivers, then you must have noticed the many difficulties that hard water present. Fortunately, investing in Scalewatcher Small Wonder is one of the most effective ways of softening water and being able to use it for many tasks. The softener eliminates the buildup of limescale in hard water. It also eliminates the buildup of mineral deposits inside the pipes, water-based appliances and the entire plumbing system.

Heat accelerates the buildup of limescale. The buildup is at its worst in dishwashers and hot water heaters. The softener eradicates this buildup, thus ensuring that hot water heater, dishwashers and other water-based appliances retain their efficiency while using the minimal amount of energy. The result of this is that your home ends up saving huge sums of money by consuming low amounts of energy.

Top Features and Options

Scalewatcher Small Wonder has some amazing features, just as its name indicates. The features make the softener capable of softening water and producing high quality water all the time. The features are responsible for making this softener the preferred choice of users who believe in eco-friendly solutions to water purification, filtration, conditioning and softening. The fact that the softener is effective at what it does is down to the following features:

  • Weighs 6.1 ounces
  • No cartridges to replace
  • No salt required
  • 3-year warranty
  • 6-month guaranteed satisfaction
  • Energizing unit

Size and Capacity

The softener is not too huge. It has the perfect dimensions and weight making it easier to handle, maintain or install. The size makes the softener great for installing inside the home, thus saving you from the hassles of having to install it outside. Moreover, the capacity of the softener as well as the flow rate makes it great at producing high quality water for the entire household for long without necessitating worries on regeneration.

Benefits of using Scalewatcher Small Wonder

Scalewatcher Small Wonder is full of different benefits to its users. Installing and using it helps users to save money. It eliminates the huge costs associated with high energy bills at the end of the month. The softener is easy to install, thus saving you the money that would have gone into paying an installer and the attendant labor costs. However, the full list of benefits that you derive from installing the water softener is as follows:

  • Reduces soap scum
  • Increases soap lather
  • Softens water without relying on salt or chemicals
  • Produces softer and silkier water
  • Reduces water spots that hard water leaves behind  on fixtures and dishes
  • An eco-friendly alternative to the salt-based softeners
  • Improves water flow in systems that are severely scaled
  • Eliminates the annoying scale on shower heads, faucets, toilets and sink holes
  • Removes limescale buildup on toilets, sinks, shower heads and faucets
  • Prevents the formation of fresh limescale deposits
  • Extends the lifespan of the water heater and other water-based appliances
  • Saves septic systems as well as tile beds from the harmful effects of backwash
  • Compatible with ozone systems, iron filters and UV systems

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the energy costs associated with operating Scalewatcher Small Wonder don’t exceed $10 every year. The device is great because of the numerous personal, environmental, economic and health benefits that users derive from it. The softener is great for all your appliances as well as the plumbing system that runs all over your house. Install the softener to stop worrying about hard water problems in your home.