Salt Free Water Softener

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When you are planning to treat your hard water with a salt-free water softener, you’ll want to check out  salt free water softener reviews, to find the unit that will work most efficiently for your home. Salt-free softeners also make less of an impact on the environment, so they are a greener product. You should consider various factors to determine whether a salt-free conditioner is the best product for you.

Salt-based, traditional water softeners can remove magnesium and calcium ions, which cause your water to become hard. They exchange these hard water ions with sodium ions, which make softer water. But sometimes the water can taste a bit salty, and these units will require you to buy, haul and load salt into them.

You can check out salt free water softener reviews, and learn about softeners that use potassium chloride, rather than sodium. You can also use a magnetic softener, although the performance of these units has been criticized. In addition, there are salt-free water conditioners that use a working catalytic filter to remove and then prevent hard water scale.

Hard Water Facts

Learning the facts about hard water and how to soften it will bring you to salt free water softener reviews. Salt-free softeners are good for your health, and also the environment’s health. If you have water that is above 75 grains per gallon in hardness, a salt-based softener will work better for you. Your local jurisdiction may limit the use of salt-based softeners, so as long as your water isn’t too hard, a salt-free unit is a good choice.

You probably have a lot of questions about salt free water softeners. If your water is hard, with calcium and magnesium dissolved in it, this causes problems with your appliances, pipes and showers or baths. You won’t be able to lather properly with hard water, and you’ll find soap scum on your tub and shower.

Hard water is damaging to pipes as well as appliances, and it can even cause your pipes to clog to the point where you have no water pressure. Coffee makers, washers and water heaters will not work efficiently with hard water, since they’ll become coated with scale. This can lead to expensive repairs, and salt-free water softeners will save you repair money. If you read salt free water softener reviews, you will learn about the economical way you can soften hard water.

Salt-free water softeners use nano-technology to not only remove the scale that already exists in your pipes and appliances, but also to prevent more scale from developing. It will also clear off surfaces for heat exchange, like your water heater, so they will work properly again. Salt-free water softeners use specifically structured atoms to create an active surface, and it only requires a few seconds of contact time. It will transform the hard ions so that they can’t attach to your pipes and appliance surfaces. Then the water flow rinses away the chemical bonds. The bonds are small – in fact they are microscopic. The effect, in essence, is the same as if you never had hard water. The crystals used are resistant to heat, and won’t fall apart, even under higher water temperatures.

About the Reviews

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When you study salt free water softener reviews, you will learn that they don’t have monthly maintenance or other costs. They will soften your water without using salt, so you won’t need to add a reverse osmosis system for your drinking water. Salt-free softeners will leave in all your essential drinking water minerals, and they don’t require chemicals to do it. You also won’t have to worry about backflushing your softener.

There are other positive aspects of salt free water conditioners, too. They don’t waste water, and you won’t have to have a drain installed. You can shower and wash clothes with about half as much soap and detergent as you needed with hard water. This saves money and removes completely the scale, also preventing further scale buildup. Salt-free water softeners don’t fall under softener bans, since they do not discharge potassium or salt back into your ground water.

Salt-free water softeners are environmentally friendly, and they will give your appliances a longer life. This includes washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers. You’ll also have softer clothes, and no hard water spotting on your dishes and glassware.