Residential Water Softener

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Homes that have hard water leave their owners looking for the best home water softener systems to make their water softer and more easily used. There is a great deal of information on softeners available, and you may become confused if you don’t do some comparison. There are so many brands, and types within each brand, and you need to sort out all the pertinent information.

You need to project beyond initial cost when you determine the best water softener for your home. It won’t do you any good to save a lot of money up front and then spend it in repairs and maintenance. You will want a unit with a good warranty and service after the sale.

If you have hard water, there are telltale signs that will let you know. Your appliances and water heater will work less efficiently, since the scale build up from hard water doesn’t allow them to transfer heat like they should. In addition, you will find soap scum in your tubs and showers, and your pipes will become more clogged with scale, the longer you leave hard water in your house.

Water softeners use sodium or other methods to remove the hard water ions from your water, and replace them with soft ions. They will be able to get rid of the scale buildup and prevent more scale from forming in the future.

Salt-Based Water Softeners

Salt-based water softeners have been around the longest, and they may or may not be the best water softeners for your house. Salt-based units remove the hard water ions in your house and replace them with sodium ions. They will eliminate the scale that is already on your pipes, and keep new scale from forming. Some areas won’t allow salt-based water softeners, because they may release too much salt into the ground water or soil in your community.

You will determine the softener size you need by the hardness of your water, the space available for installation, and the cost of the unit you are buying. Only by having all the facts will you be able to choose from the best water softeners for your family. The flow rate will determine the type of flow your water softener needs to have, otherwise it won’t remove all of the hardness from your water.

If you speak with plumbers, they may be able to help you shorten your list of the best water softeners, which will make your choice easier. The size of the unit is important, since you only have so much space for the installation. If you get a really small unit, though, it may mean more filling with salt and regenerating more often.

Some people shop for water softeners online, while others buy from home improvement stores. Still others will go with an independent dealer or a dealer of a specific brand of softener. If you research various brands of water softeners, you’ll find that some of the more popular models are either resin tanks or tanks with separate salt reservoirs for regeneration. The other main models are more compact, but there may be a better chance of corrosion in these models.

If you buy a two-tank unit, the salt doesn’t come into contact with the second tank. If you buy a one tank unit, it will be more exposed to salt. Think about what the bottom of your car looks like on snowy streets in the wintertime, very salty. But resin tanks usually have a resin coating that is heavy duty, which will help to protect it against corrosion. The best water softeners for your purpose will have a resin bed with a long life, and service available if you ever have a problem.

If you have very hard water, sometimes a salt-based unit will be your best choice. But if you have a lower hardness level, it can be treated with salt-free systems. If you live on a well, you should make sure to have your water tested before you look into softeners. If you live within a city, the municipal water utility should be able to print a report of your water test.

The selection of your water softener depends on your own preferences. You’ll be happy after you have had a water softener installed, so that your skin with be smooth, your hair silky and your clothes clean and soft.

What are Their Ratings

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Before you are prepared to choose the best home water softener systems, you will want to check out water softeners ratings for the brands and types of softeners that will work in your house. Do all your homework, being sure to compare the models that might work for you.

The major brands of water softeners have websites where you can read about their units, or you can go to independent sites and study comparisons. After you have ingested all the information available, you do need to decide for yourself.

Prices of water softeners will vary, depending on how much water you will be treating, and how hard your water is. There are many price ranges available, and you may not want the cheapest unit, but you might not need the most expensive unit, either. The softener you choose should be cost-effective and dependable, and this information can be found in water softeners ratings.

The way softeners are given ratings is determined by the system cost, when compared with how much water it can treat. An average person uses a lot of water in a given day, and if you need to remove a certain number of mineral grains per gallon, that will ensure that your softener will be efficient. Water softeners ratings are also impacted by how often the system must be regenerated, so be sure you check this out. Make sure that if you have frequent overnight guests, that your water softener can soften plenty of water for everyone.

Some softener manufacturers may offer you a service where they regenerate the beads for you. This makes a system rank more highly, especially in areas where you can’t get rid of salt into the ground water. If you are on a low sodium diet, you may want to look into potassium chloride systems, so that you won’t have salty water.

Hard water is the main problem with water in American homes, and up to 85% of houses have some water issues. You can find many models when you look through water softeners ratings, and you will want to choose one with high technology working, to save salt, water and money.

If you want to stay away from odors or chlorine taste in your drinking water, you can use a reverse osmosis unit. This uses carbon filters and a membrane to trap contaminants in your water. A conditioner and softener together will keep your water soft, and contaminant-free. You can also combine a drinking system and a water softener to give you the best water to cook and clean with, as well as to drink. The combined systems will handle any water needs you have.


When you’re looking for helpful water softeners ratings, check out various resources, to get varying opinions and reviews. Be sure you’re always looking at the type of softener that will work the best in your home. The softener products available will be based on the type of unit and its capacity.


The best water softeners are rated on price, ease of use and durability. A unit that is more expensive initially, but is considerably cheaper to run, may cost less in the long run. Water softeners ratings will tell you how the various brands and models perform, how often they need regeneration, and how often filters need to be changed or cleaned.


When reviewers rate water softeners, they also look at the certifications used by some companies. The major residential and commercial filtration and softener companies may be rated by foundations who check products to make sure they perform as the manufacturers say they will. Other associations may rate products for capacity and performance.

Laboratories who work on ratings for various water softeners will determine if the products they check meet the requirements needed for standard testing and awards. The laboratories will perform independent reviews and ensure that the softeners meet all the essential goals.


Before you purchase your water softener, be sure to take the time to check out the options offered by various manufacturers and models. If you need assistance in making the choice, you can turn to a trusted professional in your area. In this way, you will be sure to get the best softener for the money.