Best Water Softener Reviews 2016

best water softener reviews

Water is a crucial liquid. Water supports life. Humans, animals and plants all need water for survival. In times past, water was freely and abundantly available. Today, you have to pay to use water – though this depends on your location. Daily living requires a fair mix of soft and hard water. However, if you want to reduce your energy expenses, using water softeners to transform hard water into soft water would be an excellent idea. The market is full of different types of softeners, thus the importance of reading water softener reviews to identify the best water softener to use at home.

Using soft water is great for you in many ways. The global economy isn’t doing well today. You have to do a bit of cost cutting to ensure that your family’s finances remain intact. One way of doing this is by investing in and installing a water softener. The water system provides you with one of the most effective measures that you can embark on to protect the family from spending too much money than it can afford. Utility costs in your home are bound to reduce considerably when you install the softener. Moreover, some of the softeners are great for the environment, which everybody should try to protect for the future generations.

Benefits of Water Softeners

The benefits of water softener justify your decision to buy this piece of equipment for softening water in your home. Once you see what the best home water softener is capable of doing, you wouldn’t think twice to dash to the local stores to get your own. All the information you need to understand the benefits are available on water softeners reviews. Reading a detailed water softener review helps you to understand why more households in the United States are setting money aside to purchase the best water softener that they can afford. Some of the benefits of installing a water softener are in the previous paragraphs.

Have you replaced water appliances in your home over the years and incurred huge expense, which were avoidable? You don’t have to continue spending money to replace the appliances. You don’t have to lose sleep and money replacing damaged pipes and plumbing systems. You don’t have to continue spending huge sums of money to replace soap and detergent that diminish faster, thus making you wonder if your home has more people than you realize. To bring a positive change in your life, you simply need to install the softener. The benefits that you get from using the best rated water softener include:

Easier Cleaning

Have you struggled using hard water to clean clothes? Hard water has a bad reputation considering that it leaves clothes full of soapy residue, streaks and white spots among others. Soft water, on the other hand, removes the soapy residue thoroughly. Soapy residue is also common when you use hard water to wash your hair. With the help of the best rated water softeners, you can soften the hard water and use it for cleaning everything in the home. The soft water that the piece of equipment produces is effective at reducing the quantity of soap and detergent that you use when cleaning different items at home.

  • Less Soap/Detergent Required

As mentioned earlier, using the top rated water softeners eliminates the need for more soap or detergent when doing your cleaning. By reducing the amount of cleaning detergent or soap that you need, the softener also protects you from spending too much money on these products. Considering that cleaning clothes or taking a bath is a regular activity, the money saved by softening water would be sufficient to pay for other expenses at home. As long as you buy top water softeners, expect to save incredible amounts of money after seeing a massive drop in the quantity of soap and detergents required for daily cleaning and washing.

The bottom-line is that the softener:

  • Reduces amount of detergent used
  • Makes cleaning and washing easier

Extended Appliance Life

Most appliances in your home suffer due to exposure to hard water. The appliances aren’t the only items in your home that are prone to the harmful effects of hard water. Your fixtures and pipes are equally susceptible. Some of the appliances that you need to save from being damaged by hard water include cloth washers, dishwashers, faucets, showerheads and water heaters to mention a few. Hard water damages pipes and valves in the appliances. Even a cheap water softener is capable of making the appliances to last longer. So, whatever you think of the softeners, you can’t deny that they extend the life of all your appliances, pipes and fixtures.

  • Eliminates Minerals

The damages that occur on the appliances are the result of minerals in hard water. The minerals are notorious for shortening the usable life of the appliances. The minerals are also notorious for reducing the overall efficiency of the appliances. If you continue using the hard water despite these shortcomings, your appliances won’t serve you much longer. The water softener cost should not worry you, especially if it is able to increase the life of your appliances. Such benefits of a water softener means that you save more money by avoiding to dash back to the local stores to purchase new appliances.

The bottom-line from this is that the softener

  • Extends the life of your appliances
  • Saves you money
  • Keeps the appliances from damages caused by minerals in hard water

Faster Water Heating

Heating water can drive your energy bills to amounts that you never imagined paying any time soon. When heating hard water, the energy bills are likely to be even higher than what you would incur when dealing with soft water. Heaters are capable of heating soft water faster than the speed at which you bend to lift something heavy from off the floor. Water softeners are capable of increasing the efficiency of electric heaters by more than 22 percent. The efficiency of gas-powered units increases by as much as 29 percent when you use them for heating soft water. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow the cost of a water softener to dissuade you from buying it.

The bottom-line is that softeners:

  • Improve the efficiency of water heaters
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Lowers utility bills

Cleaner Plumbing System

Hard water is full of scaly deposits. Unfortunately, it leaves these deposits on pipes as well as plumbing fixtures. Clogs and corrosion afflict the pipes and fixtures as the buildup of the deposits continue unabated. The clogs and corrosion would take massive amounts from you to fix so that the pipes and plumbing system continues working excellently. Clogs and corrosion are bad for your plumbing system. The two are capable of shortening the life of your plumbing system. Fortunately, you can avoid this by investing in a good softener. Based on this benefit alone, you should dash to buy water softener today.

The bottom-line is that the softener is excellent for:
  • Producing soft water that cleans the plumbing system
  • Producing water that doesn’t cause corrosion or clogs

What to look out for

First, you need as much information as you can get on the different types of water softeners. When you ask a question such as ‘how much is a water softener’, expect to receive different figures. Why is this so? The reason for this is that the cost of water softener depends on the type of softener and other factors. Therefore, your decision on whether to buy a specific type of softener depends on more than price. You also need to look at the size and capacity of the softener. To determine whether the softener is of the appropriate size, you ought to use the needs of your family as the main factor.

best water softener system

Size and Capacity

Although size and capacity is crucial, you must avoid buying an excessively large softener. If you do, expect to be paying for additional capacity that your family doesn’t use. Typically, the softener recharges itself every third day. Therefore, its capacity and size should be large enough that it can continue serving and meeting the needs of your family during the next three days. Determining the size and capacity of the softener that you need is not rocket science, but requires a bit of calculation. The first step involves multiplying the number of people inside your home by 75 to get total gallons, which you now multiply by the hard water’s CPG.​

Additional factors

What you pay to install water softener, in addition to its size and capacity aren’t the only factors that you should use to choose the best softener to buy. Conducting a water softener comparison is highly recommended to provide you with more information on what is worth buying. You should never ignore water softener prices, nonetheless. However, you have to look at the wisdom, or lack thereof, of investing in dual tank systems. While at it, you also have to ask yourself whether buying saltless water softeners is worth the hassle.

To understand these additional factors better, continue reading below.

  • Dual Tank Systems

You have the option of choosing a single or a dual tank softener. The dual systems have proven highly popular in commercial sites and restaurants. Homeowners have fallen in love with the dual systems in recent years too. The single system has one resin tank as well as one brine tank. The dual system has two resin tanks and one brine/salt tank. Dual systems are capable of regenerating on demand. The main advantage of the dual system is that when one tank reaches its capacity, the system switches over to the second tank immediately. Moreover, reserve capacity is a non-issue when dealing with softeners that have dual tank systems.

  • Saltless Water Softeners

Has somebody encouraged you to buy saltless water softeners? You have to be extremely careful to avoid one of the most common frauds in the field of water softeners today. Despite the frauds that take place, this should not dissuade you from failing to consider buying such types of softeners completely. To avoid the scam, simply buy the saltless softener from recognized brands. Softeners need a minimal amount of salt. However, people who are concerned about salt intake are free to choose a different type of softener, and this is where the saltless water softener plays a crucial role.

  • Flow rate

Flow rate simply means the speed at which the equipment softens and produces soft water. Each softener has different flow rates. Therefore, you have to know what is good for your family. To do this, measure the stipulated flow rate against the average household use. You mustn’t forget to measure the stipulated flow rate against the peak or optimal household use in your home. The maximum flow rate that you see on the softener often appears as GPM, which simply means gallons per minute. You can also visit other review sites to learn what other customers have said about the flow rate of the type of softener you’re interested in buying.

  • Maintenance Requirements

Water softeners, just as it’s the case with all types of equipment, need maintenance from time to time. Failure to adhere to this requirement would make the equipment incapable of doing anything. Consequently, you would have to continue using hard water in your house. Other than this, you would have to worry about questions such as ‘how much do water softeners cost’, especially if the one you bought hasn’t made your life any easier. What is the best water softener is a question worth asking while considering its maintenance requirements. Don’t ignore the ongoing maintenance costs as well as the work required to make the softener function properly.​

Top 5 Best Water Softeners

The market is full of different types of water softeners. Consequently, you need to do a bit of research to identify the best softener. Reading information contained in the softener reviews is something that you ought to do frequently. Without this information, you might be risking the life of your family by failing to pay attention to the quality of water taken in your house. Reading the reviews provides you with an idea about the most trustworthy brands, models and manufacturers. The reviews are similar to a recommendation from other people who have used and seen what each softener is capable of doing.

So, which are the top 5 best water softeners?

1. Fleck 5600 SXT

Fleck 5600 SXT is one of the best softeners you will ever buy. It serves the DIY enthusiast well. You can buy the softener at for not more than $600. After buying the softener, and based on the benefits it will give you, there would be no valid reason for worrying about things such as water softener prices. Most users have rated the softener 5-Star because of the many ways it has served them well over the years. The water softener price mentioned above is for the one with a capacity of 48k. The softener is capable of treating around 12 gallons of water per minute.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Simple to install, set and operate
  • Has only one internal part that moves in the water stream​
  • Double backwash
  • Compact turbine-electronic meter
  • Computerized control system
  • Built-in capacitor
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • Displays time
  • Displays remaining gallons of water
  • High-efficiency resin
  • 15x34 inch brine tank

A small description

With its classic design, it’s little wonder that Fleck 5600 SXT has become one of the most popular types of softeners in the world today. In fact, people who see it never have to ask questions such as ‘do I need a water softener’. There’re times when the water softener system cost should not worry you, especially if you know that the benefits you’ll get from the item far outweighs what it costs to buy. With a rigid Noryl valve body that guarantees low power consumption and a piston-seal-spacer assembled precisely, you will never regret the decision that you made to buy this softener.

2. Aquasana EQ-SS20

Aquasana EQ-SS20

The softener incorporates innovative technology to soften water naturally. It does not require the addition of sodium to protect the pipes and plumbing system in your house against corrosion. It alters the ion charge of the mineral crystals, which make water hard, thus making them less attracted to each other. The altered ionic charge makes the mineral crystals unable to clump together. The result is that the softener prevents the scaly buildup, which is notorious for making water incredibly hard. The effectiveness of the softener is because of the features that its manufacturer has included.

Features and Benefits

  • Salt-free system
  • Softens water naturally
  • Protects pipes and plumbing system
  • Alters ionic charge in mineral crystals
  • Has a flow rate of 7gpm
  • Operates without batteries
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Requires 0.75inch fittings to install
  • Has a smarter design
  • Has powerful UV sterilight filtration for killing over 99.99 percent of all bacteria and viruses
  • Comes with a pro-grade installation kit that include pre-filters, bend supports, shut-off valves, post-filter and brass fittings

A small description

You never have to worry about the quality of the soft water that flows from taps in your home after installing Aquasana EQ-SS20. The softener reduces the effect that hard minerals have on water. The softener guarantees the integrity of appliances in your home by scaling down the development or buildup of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and barium. The pipes and the entire plumbing system in your home improve significantly when you no longer worry about water softener installation cost but go ahead to add the equipment into your home. Furthermore, you can install Aquasana EQ-SS20 as a standalone softener in your home.

3. Aqua-Pure AP902

Aqua-Pure AP902

Aqua-Pure AP902 is one of the most efficient water softener systems that you can buy today. If you’ve sought answers to questions such as ‘how much does a water softener cost’ in the past, then it might be time to finally stop asking by buying this item. The softener provides you with high quality soft water. The softener supplies your house with fresh water. The softener is highly effective at removing different types of contaminants. Therefore, use it to remove dirt, corrosion and rust from the hard water flowing in your house. If your water is full of sediments, use this softener to purify and make it tasty.

Features and Benefits

  • Single cartridge system
  • Locking hatch
  • Stainless steel head, which has a limited warranty of 25 years
  • Sanitary Quick Change or SQC
  • Filter is easy to change
  • Extends the life of appliances in your home
  • 1 inch inlet connections
  • 1 inch outlet connections
  • Flow rate is 20gpm
  • Cartridge is easy to change
  • Able to soften around 10,000 gallons of water
  • Carbon filter

Short Description

The softener has several benefits as mentioned above. It’s capable of reducing the odor and taste of chlorine associated with hard water. Furthermore, as previously stated, the softener is capable of protecting appliances against the corrosion brought about by the wide variety of chemicals found in hard water. The filtration system on the softener is equipped with a locking latch. An anti-rotation collar is one of the features that you should expect to find in the softener. The many features that the softener has make it worthwhile to visit a place where you can buy this water softener for sale. The equipment removes your worries about other water softener alternatives.

4. Scalewatcher Small Wonder

Scalewatcher Small Wonder

Have you ever worried that the price you paid to acquire a water softener was probably too much than what it’s actually worth? Such worries would never suffice if you buy the Scalewatcher Small Wonder. The softener is a specialist in conditioning water by transforming it from hard to soft. If your water appliances have been breaking down constantly, you ought to stop incurring the huge costs of repairing and replacing them by investing in this softener. More importantly, the fact that it is an eco-friendly softener has contributed a lot to its popularity over the years. Moreover, you don’t need salt to soften water using this piece of home equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • No salt conditioner
  • Perfect for use indoors and in residential houses
  • Removes buildup of scales in water heaters
  • Softens water without salt and cartridges
  • Perfect for wide-ranging pipes such as rubber hose, flex pipe, galvanized, copper and PVC
  • Satisfaction guarantee of 6 months
  • Product warranty of 3 years
  • Eco-friendly because of the absence of chemicals and salt
  • Eliminates lime scale
  • Easy to install
  • Can soften up to 20 gallons of water
  • Low-maintenance

Small Description

Through this softener, you can look forward to equipment that’s capable of preventing and removing the buildup of lime in your water. What is more, you’re right to expect this softener to provide the entire house with the protection that it needs by preventing breakdown of water appliances. It also extends the life of all water appliances in the house. In addition to all these benefits, the Scalewatcher Small Wonder is renowned for its ability to help you save money and water. It allows you to save money by reducing energy bills. It also encourages you to save money by eliminating the expenses you would incur to replace damaged water appliances.

5. Eddy Electronic Descaler

Eddy Electronic Descaler

The softener offers you everything that you ever need in a piece of equipment for softening water. The softener has several environmental friendly features. The unit is effective for eliminating the buildup of hard water in pipes. It’s also one of the most effective tools in the market today for preventing the building of hard water in pipes in the first place. What this means is that you don’t have to wait until hard water builds up in your pipes and plumbing system before using the softener. The unit has all the features that you need to produce soft water that’s capable of protecting and increasing the life of your water appliances.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a small and compact size
  • Costs less
  • Easy to install
  • Has a magnetic system
  • Perfect for use indoors
  • Low power usage
  • Lifetime warranty

Short Description

The softener is perfect for homes whose water has hardness levels of around 8gpg. The equipment is both descaler and softener. The equipment is ideal for reducing lime scale, hence its reputation as a descaler. It’s one of the most effective and useful water softener alternatives in case you don’t want to invest in an item that’s purely a water softener. The equipment produces amazing results when installed and used in homes whose pipes and plumbing systems are mostly metallic or plastic. It doesn’t alter TDS, thus ensuring that healthy minerals remain in water while softening the liquid.

Wrapping up

Therefore, water softeners are tools that you need in your house. If you use hard water in your office, investing in softener would be an excellent decision based on the many benefits that you would enjoy. Some softeners perform better than others. Therefore, you have to read different customer reviews to learn what other users are saying about the softeners. Choosing the right softener to buy and install in your home isn’t an impossible task, especially if you know what to look for to avoid making costly mistakes. To learn more about the best softeners, spend time with your water contractor.