Best Fleck 5600 SXT Review in 2016

Fleck 5600 SXT Review in 2016Fleck has developed several topnotch systems, including Fleck 5600 SXT, which is the subject of this review. The softener is highly rated for being DIY friendly. In fact, the softener is often one of the top picks among customers. The softener is available online through sites such as and others. The cheapest model goes for around $400-$600 while the costliest would require payments of several thousands of dollars.

What does it do?

The softener removes all the hard minerals that are in hard water. Consequently, this single act transforms the water from hard to soft. It has no trouble getting rid of calcium and magnesium, which are two of the most notorious minerals that make water hard. Furthermore, the softener also eliminates the buildup of limescale in pipes and on fixtures, thereby increasing the lifespan of water-based appliances.

How does it work?

The effectiveness of Fleck 5600 SXT is partly because of the two tanks that it has. One of these is the mineral tank. The other is the brine tank. The mineral tank is where water from the plumbing system or pipes flows directly into. Thereafter, the resin beads in the mineral tank, which are negatively charged, attract hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are positively charged.

On the other hand, the brine tank is responsible for holding the solution containing sodium chloride. It’s worth mentioning that the main work of the solution is flushing the mineral tank, thereby replacing the hard minerals with sodium chloride. After some time, calcium and magnesium saturate the mineral tank. By this point, the regeneration phase is off and running. The phase is crucial for removing hard water particles out of the mineral tank.

Top Features and Options

Fleck 5600 SXT is one of the most popular brands of water softeners in the market today. The popularity of the model is down to its effectiveness in softening hard water fast. What’s more, the softener has continued enjoying increased popularity with users specifically because of its top features and the numerous options that it provides to users. Some of the features that have made the model a household name as a top water softener include the following:

  • Large LCD Display, which has an inbuilt backup capacitor that lasts 48 hours
  • The LCD Display that’s capable of alternating between the volume remaining, time of day and the tank that’s currently operating
  • Compact Turbine meter
  • Downflow regeneration cycles
  • Upflow regeneration cycles
  • Choice of 4 operation modes
  • 20gpm continuous flow rate
  • Backwash capacity
  • Double backwash capacity
  • Backwash filter
  • Double backwash
  • Auxiliary switches
  • Meter-initiated and day-initiated regeneration
  • Filter control valves

Size and Capacity

The softener comes in different sizes. It’s worth noting that size here refers to the tanks. For example, you are likely to find the softener with a 10” x 54” tank. The brine tank on the softener is more likely 14” x 17” x 33”. As for capacity, it’s worth mentioning that the softener’s is around 48,000. What is more, the resin measures around 1.5ft 3 inches. Therefore, choose a size and capacity based on the needs of your family or household.

Benefits of using Fleck 5600 SXT

Fleck 5600 SXT is renowned for numerous benefits that it provides to people using it for softening water. The numerous benefits are pointers to the reasons that have made the brand one of the most trusted. The benefits that users derive from this softener highlight the reasons that have made it one of the most highly recommended brands in the world today. The fact that the product has a 5-year warranty is great news for users who might worry about replacements.

In addition to the 5-year warranty, users are entitled to opt for models that come with a 10-year warranty too. For the most part, however, the 5-year warranty is specifically for the head of the Fleck 5600 SXT. On the other hand, the 10-year warranty is applicable for the tank. The different warranties are great news for users who wonder what to do in case one or both crucial parts of the softener suffer damages, thus unable to operate properly.

What We Like

So, what benefits do you derive from using this softener?

  • Affordability

Despite the many configurations that the softener has, it is still affordable and within budget.

  • Eco-friendly

The materials used for making the softener are of the highest quality and consume low energy.

  • Simple to use

The softener has buttons on its electronic powerhead that you should push to program it

  • Excellent customer service

The customer service is excellent and the staff is ready to provide the help you need.

  • Easy to assemble

You buy all the units fully assembled and only waiting for you to plug them in and use.

  • Parts are easily available

The parts of the softener that spoil or suffer the effects of wear and tear are easy to find.

  • WQA certified

The fact that the softener is WQA certified has made it more reliable and trustable among users.