About us

More and more online shoppers are depending on review websites like this one for unbiased evaluation of products to help them make informed buying decisions.

Soft Water Guide scouts the water softener market for the best products and offers and brings them to the consumer in the form of detailed reviews about the pros and cons of owning such systems.

We educate the consumer through research articles and other tools so that the consumer can make intelligent decisions about their purchasing choice. So not only are the top water softeners featured on our web site, but we also provide educational articles and references to engage the visitor in setting the correct criteria in their purchasing decisions.

We are heavily influenced by the reviews and testimonials provided by actual owners of the products and not just our own use of those products or results of our research. We make no claims to owning or using every product we review, but attempt to present the customers’ experience with such products and the company’s response to customer queries as critical in our assessment.

Water softener products are rated alongside other leading products in the field and given a comparative ‘mark’ based on the marketing literature and specifications of the manufacturers.  Where subjective evaluations are made, such as in style and aesthetics, our website users are expected to make their own buying decisions based on their personal evaluation of the information we provide.  The reviews we present should be seen as one factor in the purchasing decision and not the final say.